"Like The Tree of Life or The Fountain, Grace and Grit is a movie that takes you on a spiritual journey into the depths of love and then beyond. Sebastian Siegel is a dexterous and original director, his movie is transcendent storytelling at its best."

- Alex Grey

“Like the book it’s adapted from, this film is brilliant. Grace and Grit will shake you, and maybe even awaken you in some way. This movie is a must-see, especially for anyone interested in love or consciousness.”

- John Mackey

“Siegel has transformed the original book into an effortless masterpiece.”

- BASIC Magazine

“This film stays with you, it grabs you. Both lead actors give

Oscar wothy performances. Mena Suvari’s revelatory performance is haunting me days later. Siegel’s work - it feels expansive and creative.

It’s not just incredibly intimate... it’s open and raw.”

- Julia Ormond