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Ever wondered about Lucid Dreaming?

British-American author, meditation teacher, and film director Sebastian Siegel will guide you through it. He revolutionarily integrates radical storytelling, orchestra music by Murray Hidary of Mind Travel, and binaural soundwaves to coax your brain into states of elation, rejuvenation, and deep subconscious awareness. You'll lie comfortably while Sebastian guides you on a radical, real-time cosmic adventure. Book seats in advance as these evenings are limited space

Benefits include:

1. Rejuvenation 2. Awaken creativity 3. Vivid dreaming

4. Uncover memories 5. Cellular healing

Sebastian works in transformative consciousness through mediums of filmbookspsychology, and meditation. The teaser for Sebastian’s film, the epic love story Grace And Grit is here.

"Sebastian Siegel draws insights into the beauty and complexities of the human condition

with an inspiring and original voice.”

~ Marianne Williamson

"Siegel makes the language go all the way to a place it cannot go,
 and winds up pointing to a kind of mystery, deep within, far without, but real as he contends it is.  I found myself wondering: where did these words come from - the writer, the seducer of spirit?”

~ George Tanabe,

Former Chairman Dept. of Religions, University Hawaii - specialty in Buddhism   

October 1st 6:30pm:

Guided Cosmic Adventure in Lucid Dreaming

Private home Laurel Canyon - outdoors, limited seating. DM @ IG or DeeplyConscious.com